Friday, June 18, 2010

Final Exam Part 2

The main idea for this article about the Apple iPad App allows students to take test is basically talking about how this  new invention called the iPad now has a program where all students can take their tests right on it whenever they want and wherever. Honestly i think it is a good idea not only because you can take it whenever you want but also you have more time to take the test instead of like a normal high school exam where you get timed. I think this idea will work and maybe some students might cheat because they have it home and they have internet but the teacher will know right away if you cheated or not because of the way you answered the question, if it is open ended. Also students should be trusted not to cheat and be confident and try there best at it.There also should be some kind of rule if the teacher finds out the student cheated they should warn them to not do it again or they will remove the iPad away from the students. That is my honest opinion about how i feel about students being able to take any test on their iPad's at home .

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