Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Using proper netiquette .

If i see that someone has in error in thier message then yes i do think that i should let him or her no . My reason for why i say this is because if someone has an incorrection you should let them know. Because if it happend to you one day and no one told you and it was a class project and words counted then im sure you would want someone to let you know . So its a good thing you tell that person thet he or she has mad in error in their message .

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cyber Saftey ?

To me it is very important to practice cyber safety and i say this because , if kids dont practice this they can be in trouble . Cyber can be when someone bully's you by either putting up a post of  pictures to hurt or embarrass you . Or it can also be like when someone is constantly sending you text messages , instant messaging or other digital technology to you when you want nothing to do with that person.  So everyone needs to practice this . = ]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can the internet be used when school is not in session for education?

The intertent can be used when schools not in session for education . But at the same time if you decide to use the internet besides going to school for an education you wont really learn anything as much. Becaise some kids when there in the internet they dont really pay much attention they get distracted by games or chatting websites. Also when you need help with something the internets not always correct therefor you do need school to be in session in order to get a good education as needed. If i had no choice but to participate in this then i would but i wouldnt like it .