Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Essay On Smart Phones.

My Feelings about using smart phones in school is that we should be able to use it and i can give you three great reasons on why i say this. My reasons are that the smart phones can help us with our education, second if we need to search something we don't know and it is dealing with school we use our smart phone, third we can put a reminder note in our smart phone. 

Smart phones can help us with our education by like if your teacher is telling you something that you need to know and you really don't know and you want to find out what it is immediately you search it up on your phone and right away you know what your teacher is talking about. Some schools may not have computers with working internet or maybe in the class your in there is no computers allowed or cellphones or your teacher just doesn't know how to explain things well.

My second reason would be that smart phones are making students smarter by how the smart phones can help students in problem solving and they can post up videos of themselves to other schools so they can watch and learn how a smart phone is good for students everywhere.

My third and final reason would be that if a teacher assigns you  a project and its due the next month but you know your going to forget and leave it for the last minute you just post up a note in your smart phone so that it can remind you and you can be right on task and have a good grade for the day of your project and you wont have to worry or anything.

I have given you three great reasons on why our school should have smart phones and basically all schools should. I hope that all my reasons can change the mind of our principle or whoever ! And let our school have smart phones allowed for each and every student.

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